DVR E1615, DVR E1606, DVR E1603
  • network_ex2.gif - 5392 BytesEisenbeck Security offers a full line of state-of-the-art video surveillance cctv products. These full-featured PC network systems include digital recording and remote access, incorporated with a simple to use Microsoft Windows interface.
  • Our systems feature digital recording, software motion detection, signal detection, remote monitoring of up to 16 cameras simultaneously, PTZ Support, input trigger recording, full network compatibility, and outstanding digital video image quality.
  • Eisenbeck Security's DVR 1615 Remote™ software is included as part of the system, and gives you the freedom to monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world! Video can be transmitted over standard phone lines, networked computers (LAN or WAN) as well as the Internet.
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16 Camera View

  • Main Program


    Features include: Status indicators that show the status of storage capacity. Search archived video while recording live video. Select manual record to begin recording currently monitored video images. PTZ controls are hidden until activated by a mouse click giving the user full control of multiple PTZ cameras. Select video viewing options: full screen, 4 camera mode, 9 camera mode, 16 camera mode.

  • Setup Program

    Camera location description display option. Auto switching mode to automatically switch between camera views. Multi format Pan Tilt Zoom controls. Port settings for network or modem. You can choose to automatically restart your system at selected intervals. All options can be password protected.

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Setup Window

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Motion Detection Setting Window

  • Sensor Setup

    Sensor location display options-descriptive text. Input to output triggers (16 trigger inputs, 4 outputs). Camera recording triggered with input. Adjustable trigger time for sensor inputs and outputs.


  • Motion Detection

    Each camera can be set up for motion recording to save hard drive space. You can set up to 16 sensor zones per camera. You also have individual camera motion sensitivity settings.

  • Camera Setup

    All cameras have independent settings including these features. Camera location discription display option. Independent frame rate and video quality setting for each camera. Adjustable record time for motion events. You may record frames before and after motion detection. With a fully adjustable recording schedule. Recording modes include: continuous, sensor triggered, motion triggered or sensor and motion triggered.

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Global record Settings

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Search Window

  • Search Feature

Search archived video by date and time. Hour blocks for each camera are displayed. View and enhance recorded video. Print or save recorded video to cd or floppy. Print images using a color printer. Archive recorded video to other storage devices.

  • Camera Settings

    Adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and hue independently for each camera. Host and Remote control of PTZ cameras. Pelco, Kaletel, Sensormatic, and other PTZ protocols are supported.

  • User Defined Password Protection

    Both Host and Remote have Administrator Password Protection.

  • Multi-user

    Multi-user licensing is included. The multi-user license allows multiple simultaneous remote connection

  • Remote Program

    The remote client is included with each system. Remote systems enables you to monitor videos and control PTZ devices from a remote site using standard phone lines, networked computers or Internet via TCP/IP network protocol. You have the ability to connect to multiple host sites from one remote computer. Using the remote console you can record video, as well as view live or recorded video.


  • File Management Setup


    You will have selectable recording media. Any storage media recognized by operating system is available. Includes IDE hard drives, SCSI hard drives, network storage, disk arrays, etc. Storage limits can be set for each device.

Specifications and System Info

Camera input 16 Cameras
Resolution 704480, 352240 640480, 320240 selectable (Default : 352240) 704576, 352288 680576, 340288 selectable (Default: 352288)
Display Frames
Per Second
E1603 - 60 fps cumulative
E1606 - 120 fps cumulative
E1615 - 240 fps cumulative
E1603 - 60 fps cumulative
E1606 - 120 fps cumulative
E1615 - 240 fps cumulative
Record Frames
Per Second
E1603 - 60 fps cumulative
E1606 - 120 fps cumulative
E1615 - 240 fps MJPEG, 160 fps MPEG4(cumulative)
E1603 - 60 fps cumulative
E1606 - 120 fps cumulative
E1615 - 240 fps MJPEG, 160fps MPEG4 (cumulative)
Video Display multi-pane: 16* simultaneous 160 x 120 windows.
4-pane: 4 simultaneous 320 x 240 windows
single-pane: One 640 x 480 window Full Screen Modes
Connector type RCA, Internal BNC
Overlay Function Hardware Overlay
Compression S/W M-JPEG and MPEG4
Compression Ratio 10:1 – 80:1 Selectable
Number of colors per pixel 16 million
Sensor Input/output 16 hardwire inputs, 4 relay outputs
Remote Video Monitor Yes
Video Motion Detection 16 channels independently adjustable (1-16 motion detector zones per camera)
Scheduled recording Yes
Storage Hard Drive, Disk Array, or Network
Composite TV Output 1 EA