Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Security Systems cost?
A. Security Systems range in price from $99.00 to Thousands of dollars. A basic security system including 3 door sensors and a motion detector are typically installed for around $199.00.  A monthly monitoring contract is usually required and the fee is around $24.00 per month.  To offset the actual cost of the security system installation a 2 year monitoring contract is standard.

Q. Why do I have to sign a contract?
A. Most alarm companies (including ours) require a written agreement for services rendered. If you are monitored customer, (your system calls out and summons the police or fire department) then you should have a contract for 24 hour monitoring service.  These contracts are usually enforceable for at least 1 year and usually have an automatic renewal term. An automatic renewal is a term meaning that after a certain date, the contract is renewed just like you signed it originally.  This automatic renewal does several things. It locks your rate for the renewal period so your monitoring fee will not go up. It provides a guarantee to the alarm company that you will remain a customer during the renewal period and it keeps other alarm companies from selling you the same service during the renewal period.  If you are planning to move or thinking about changing service providers, you should notify your alarm company BEFORE the end of your contract period and indicate that you would like to be on different term such as "month to month".  There can be serious consequences for a customer "breaking" a contract or an Alarm company "soliciting" services to a customer known to be under contract.  

Q. What is a DVR?
A. A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder. The video from a Surveillance Camera is recorded and stored digitally on a hard drive unlike analog systems which store the video on VHS tapes.  With one DVr unit you no longer need to purchase time lapse recorders, motion detectors, quad processors, pan tilt zoom controllers or any other accessory replaced by the software of your DVR unit. 

Q. How much is a service call?
A. If you are an existing customer and not under a "service agreement" we charge on an hourly basis.  The standard hourly rate is $85.00/hour. Emergency Service is available 24 hours a day.  Service rates for emergency service start at $120.00/hour.

Q. How does 24 hour monitoring work?
A. Police and Fire Departments in major cities do not allow an alarm system to connect to the police department directly.  Monitoring facilities are separate from the police and fire departments. The security system, when activated, calls the Monitoring Center which is manned 24 hours a day.  The operators are trained and certified to make emergency calls to the Police and Fire Departments to summon help.  Most Monitoring Centers or "Central Stations" are UL rated. The U.L. means "Underwriters Laboratory",  An independent testing agency which certifies the Monitoring Facility meets strict guidelines for emergency operations.  It is common for the Police department to require an "Alarm Permit" before an alarm system becomes active.  Some police departments will not respond to an alarm without an Alarm Permit. The permits are almost available from the police departments web site.  Once you receive the Permit Number, it should be given to your alarm company.

Q. What sets your company apart from all the others?
A. Number one is that we been in business as designers since 1966, we have been installing systems since 1984.  We have Certified Engineering Technicians to design your system and have licensed bonded installation teams to install your system.

Q. Do you offer software upgrades to existing clients?
A. Yes we do. As we upgrade our products software we will have it posted to this web site and it will be made available to all clients usually free.