• Compact Body Style
  • 1/4-Inch Format CCD Imager
  • High Resolution
  • Built-in 16X Optical Zoom Lens with 8X Digital Zoom
  • Horizontal Resolution of 470 TV Lines
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • AC Line Lock (24 VAC only)
  • Auto White Balance
  • RS-422 Interface
  • Auto Iris, Auto Focus
  • Controller Interface Available

The CC1400HZ16 Series DSP Color CCD Camera combines high resolution imaging and a built-in lens in a compact package. This camera uses a 1/4-inch color CCD (charged coupled device) interline transfer sensing element. The built-in lens has a maximum zoom ratio of 128X (16X optical and 8X digital).

The telephoto (zoom in), white balance, and wide angle (zoom out) controls are push buttons located on the back of the camera. When you press and hold the telephoto button, the camera reaches maximum optical magnification (16X). If you continue to press and hold the telephoto button, the camera automatically goes into 8X digital zoom.

The white balance control renders colors based on the amount of white in the scene. Once you set the white balance, the camera holds the setting until you adjust the white balance again.

Additional adjustments can be made by connecting the camera to a personal computer through an RS-422 cable interface. For information about adjusting the camera through an RS-422 cable interface, contact the factory.