EH2500 Series Enclosure

  • Designed for Maximum Rain Protection
  • Dust-Proof
  • Compact, Lightweight
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Meets NEMA 4 and IP66 Standards
  • Accepts Cameras with Fixed Focal Length or Motorized Zoom Lenses
  • Optional Accessories Include Sun Shroud and Dual-Element Heater/Defroster

The enclosures of the EH2500 Series are rain- and dust-proof to protect CCTV cameras from adverse environmental conditions. Constructed from aluminum, the enclosures are compact and lightweight. They can be installed on fixed mounts or pan/tilt units.

The EH2500 Series can accommodate a variety of cameras with fixed focal length or motorized zoom lenses. The enclosures have an outside diameter of 4.25 inches (10.80 cm) and are available in three lengths: 8 inches (20.32 cm), 12 inches (30.48 cm), and 15 inches (38.10 cm).

Each model features a sled for camera mounting and a “T” handle on the rear plate to assist in removing the plate during installation and servicing.

Optional accessories include a sun shroud. The heater has two elements so that it can operate as a heater and defroster. When the temperature drops below 70°F (21°C), one element turns on for defogging. When the temperature falls below 40°F (4°C), the second element turns on for defrosting.

Cable entry is through two adjustable cable glands located conveniently on the rear plate.