• network_ex2.gif - 5392 BytesEisenbeck Corporation offers design, installation and service of complete residential and commercial security systems as well as providing state-of-the art 24 hour UL listed monitoring services

  • Standard Features include: EEPROM memory which will retain all program information even if AC power is removed.
  • Static/Lightning Protection to provide reliable protection against static and lightning induced transients.
  • Complete information and control of your system via Digital Keypad.
  • Auto-bypass/Home-Away Arming.
  • Purchase, lease, and lease purchase plans are available.
  • Professional installation and service teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




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  • We offer a wide variety of packaged systems for Residential and Commercial Security.





  • Alpha Numeric and LED Systems Enhance user control


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  • Biometric Hand Geometry Reader Technology for Secure Access 
  • We offer a wide variety of Access Cards and Entry System Technologies


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  • Face Recognition and Retina Scanners for Government and High Security Installations